Flush Vacuum

Maintenance of pipes/Removal of Debris
Good maintenance of pipe includes a regular flushing program. Flushing will clear blockages, remove minor roots and improve flow. Nice clean pipe is better for video inspection.

Prevent Floodin
Removal of sediments/sand and debris from storm pipe will prevent flooding. Storm pipes carry the rainwater, road runoff and excess groundwater. As water goes into the storm pipes it is easy for the water to also carry debris into the pipes. Too much debris and flooding occurs. Flushing of the pipes on a regular basis will prevent any backups.

Roots love sewers, lots of water and nutrients. Left unchecked roots will continue to grow larger and larger. The end result is a serious blockage or broken damaged pipe. We use root cutters to remove roots growing into the pipes.

These are used in the storm rain water collection system. Debris collects in catchbasins and lawnbasins. It could be leaves, dirt, gravel, garbage or just about anything else. Vacuuming up the debris and flushing the pipes from the catchbasin to the mainline will help prevent the material from collecting and backing up the water which will then flood your roadway, driveways etc .