Hydro Excavation

Do you need to dig? An excellent alternative to digging is hydro excavation, which we can do for you!

The Benefits

To expose underground gas mains, water mains, and utilities, one of the safest methods is to hydro excavate. Do not take the risk of rupturing an underground utility line.

Hydro excavation is an affordable way of excavating around underground utilities. Hiring us to do this work is cheaper than repairing a water main, sewer main, or gas line break.

Environmentally Friendly
Hydro excavation is good for the environment as there are no gas/oil spills to worry about, and no gushing water sending dirt and gravel into the storm systems causing higher costs to remove the debris.

Hydro excavation is good for excavation around small spaces that other conventional equipment cannot do. It can be used for holes (poles, signs, pilings.) and exposing utilities. Because the truck vacuums the soil instead of digging, the underground pipes are not damaged. We can hydro excavate horizontally and diagonally as well as vertically.

Efficient Gravel Removal
Our equipment makes it easy to vacuum gravel from localized areas. If you need gravel removal or hydro excavation, let us know!