PVC Rerounding

Unfortunately, sometimes a PVC pipe ends up becoming more than 5% oval. As you may already know, a pipe that is too oval will not pass City specifications. Up to now, the only choice was to dig up the pipe and replace it. This can get expensive. Save yourself thousands of dollars and let us make your PVC pipes round again!

Make Your PVC Pipe Round Again


The Process

We restore deflected PVC sewer pipes without excavation. Our vibratory pipe re-rounder uses an air powered high frequency vibrator to reshape the pipe. We can insert our re-rounder through the existing manhole. As it travels through the pipe it will make all the oval sections of pipe rounder, back within tolerance. A mandrel for 5% deflection can safely pass through.


Reduce Your Costs & Carbon Footprint

It takes less time to re-round one line compared to many more hours to dig and replace the PVC pipe. We use less equipment – no backhoes, dump trucks, or installation crews all day long.

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PVC Rerounding